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Jury Awards $3.4 Million In Wrongful Foreclosure Case

Recently in a wrongful foreclosure case in Las Vegas, a family was awarded $3.4 million. This of course was not your typical foreclosure. It brings back memories of the hot coffee case at McDonalds. Once


hearing the evidence, the Jury determined that the Plaintiff’s condo was wrongfully foreclosed by Country Home Loans Inc. and awarded them compensatory damages in the amount of $922,690 as well as punitive damages of $2.5 million. As a lawyer I believe the Jury got this one right, this coming for someone who often sues credit card, mortgage and insurance companies. Because of a work situation, the Plaintiffs moved temporarily to Tucson, Arizona. Countrywide wrongfully sued for foreclosure and then proceeded to sell the condo. In 2003 the Plaintiffs found out what happened. In time the personal possessions of the Plaintiffs were thrown into the garbage including family photos and a wedding dress. How could that possibly happen? That’s a great question. The foreclosure was actually supposed to take place on a different condo.

I was asking myself as a lawyer, why didn’t Countrywide resolve this case before the trial? It is anyone’s guess what Countrywide’s thought process was. Usually the two sides have different opinions on the merits of the case. Congratulations to the Plaintiff’s attorney for doing a great job. In a recent statement Countrywide said that they were very disappointed with the outcome. Yeah right, can you believe that? They are probably going to spend lots of money on appeals as opposed to doing what is right and paying the Plaintiffs for screwing up.

2 Responses to Jury Awards $3.4 Million In Wrongful Foreclosure Case

  1. BeverlyGreen /

    September 8, 2015 at 3:44 am

    My gosh! The outrageous behavior of Countrywide in this case – they didn’t even make sure they had the right property? Or did they hire someone who was that clueless?? Either way, it sounds like an absolute horror for the family.

    Good for sticking up for them! You never know how people are going to view the case. That cup of coffee in McDonald’s was not a one-time thing and the burns were unbelievable. It was criminal negligence, as they’d been told again and again to get their act together. This is the same kind of thing – definitely not the first time Countrywide screwed up royally.

    I believe they are now out of business.

  2. Francie Eschenower /

    September 8, 2015 at 4:16 am

    OMG, this is a travesty!!! Can you imagine coming home to find out that your condo was gone and every single one of your personal possessions had been thrown in the trash! I can’t imagine how devastated the people were, especially when they found out their wedding dress was stolen. Just terrible.

    I think you’re right that the jury got it right.

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